Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Kara Rowley, Licensed Midwife in California

Phone: 530-410-7098.


Redding, California and Surrounding Area


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Phone: 530-410-7098


Congratulations to you, the expecting family. What an exciting time of anticipation and preparation as you plan for this new arrival. Whether this is a first baby or another addition to your family, there are many decisions to be made. As a Certified Professional  Midwife I love to share my knowledge and experience about pregnancy, birth, and newborns. I offer complete pregnancy care, breastfeeding support, nutritional advice, pre-conception  counseling, pregnancy and  childbirth education, water births, and VBAC’s.
It is my honor to help you learn and discover the answers to your questions so you can make choices that are perfect for your family. While I hope you find the midwife that makes you most comfortable and fits your needs best, I invite you to learn more about me and my practice.